Nest #11!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Nest 11! It occurred around 1:00am on Monday, July 15th. The nest came from a repeat turtle for this season, we like to call her Roxanne (or sometimes Venus). This is her third nest of the season on Bear Island, she also had nest #5 and #7. 


Intern Grace and I  spotted her coming out of the water under the full moon, and watched her crawl up the beach ahead of us for about 15-20 minutes. She settled in and dug for about another 30-40 minutes, Roxanne was very fussy about her nest and every time we thought she had settled in to lay eggs we would see her backside shift and sand begin to flip into the air again. Finally she was nesting, and we took measurements and checked tags. 


We knew as soon as she started digging that her nest was going to be too low on the beach. She was about 20 feet away from the dunes and actually nested in some of our old tire tracks from driving the beach. We knew at this point that we were going to have to relocate the nest after she finished. For the information about the relocation process for Nest 11 and general information about relocating, you can visit our blog post titled Nest Relocation (this clickable link will take you right to our post). 

We are anxiously awaiting both Nest 12 and the arrival of our hatchlings from Nest 1! Today (July 19th) is day 61 of the incubation period for Nest 1, so they are due to hatch any night now! We look forward to updating you about all of the exciting turtle happenings of the park soon!

By: Eliza Patterson


2 thoughts on “Nest #11!

  1. What? Did you say sometimes called Venus! You made me cry. I’m so excited you ladies are in double digits! Hope you get to see #1 hatch! Pictures please!

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