2014 interns

We are the volunteer interns at Hammocks Beach State Park.

bird interns

bird interns: Brendan & Kelsey

bird interns: Brendan & Kelsey

Our job is to monitor several different bird species on Bear Island. Our primary focus is on colonial nesting waterbirds, American oystercatchers, red knots, Wilson’s plovers, and endangered piping plovers. We have two colonies of colonial nesting waterbirds that we monitor. These birds nest in large groups on the sandy flats on the ends of Bear Island. Mostly we encounter least terns in the colonies, but finding common terns and black skimmers is also a possibility. We keep track of the number of nests, eggs, hatchlings, and fledglings. We also monitor for predators.


turtle interns

turtle interns: Lee, Devon, Caitlin and Beth

turtle interns: Lee, Devon, Caitlin & Beth

Our job is to monitor Bear Island at night for nesting sea turtles. Loggerhead sea turtles are the most common nesting species on Bear Island, however green sea turtles have also nested here in years past. Hammocks Beach State Park has one of only two nighttime nest monitoring programs in the state of North Carolina (the other is Bald Head Island). When we see a nesting female, we tag her and take several measurements of her shell.

One thought on “2014 interns

  1. I look forward to hearing about your summer adventure! I am a turtle volunteer in Emerald Isle. We have had several nesting mothers in EI who also nested on Bear Island (love that DNA data)! I particularly loved reading about how you guys helped out the 3-flipper turtle dig her nest last year. She probably was the same 3-flipper mama that had tried nesting in EI the previous night (pictures seem to match). I was so happy to hear that she was able to successfully able to nest twice more last summer! It will be fun if we share some mamas again this is summer!

    We had our first nest last night! We don’t always get to see the mama (since we are not patrolling all night like you do). But last night we got lucky, since a security guard from the Islander Hotel was on the beach and saw her!

    Let us know how your season goes 🙂

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